• Vessel Registration
  • Crewing and Documentation
  • Statutory Certification
  • Mortgage Registration
  • Flag State Inspection
  • Statutory Survey & Certification
  • Radio Accounting Authority
  • Regional Representation
  • Others



We provide vessel registration and reflagging services under a wide variety of maritime registers in several countries such as: Belize, Bolivia, Cambodia, Comoros, Honduras, Panama, Nigeria, Venezuela, Sierra Leone, Togo, Tanzania etc.


Additionally, we provide a host of complimentary flagstate service for those maritime administrations:


  • Dual Registrations
  • Special Registrations
  1. One Trip
  2. 3 Months
  3. Delivery
  4. Yachts
  5. Temporary Passes


  • Registration extensions and Renewals
  • Mon-encumbrance certification
  • Crew Seaman books, licensees and endorsements
  • Ship station licenses
  • Minimum safe manning certification
  • Amendments to existing registration


  1. Change of ownership
  2. Change in particulars


  • Inmarsat commissioning (A, B, C, M, Mini-M), EPIRB.
  • LRIT testing








150 9000:2000 Certified Statutory Certification Services to verify compliance with:

  • Solas
  • Marpol
  • Load-Line
  • ITC
  • ISM
  • ISPS
  • IBC
  • BCH
  • Caribbean
  • Torremolinos etc.


For the issuance of:

  • Cargo ship safety equipments certificate
  • Cargo ship safety construction certificate
  • Cargo ship safety radio structure
  • Cargo ship safety radiotelephony certificate
  • Fishing vessel safety certification
  • Passenger ship safety certificate
  • International oil pollution prevention certificate
  • Sewage pollution prevention certificate
  • Garbage pollution prevention certificate
  • Anti-fouling certificate
  • International load line certificate
  • International tonnage certificate
  • Document of compliance
  • International safety management certificate
  • Caribbean cargo-ship safety certificate
  • Seaworthiness certificate
  • International ship security certificate
  • Certificate of fitness of cargo gear


Additional Services:

  • Tonnage calculation and/or approval
  • Load line calculation and/or approval
  • Stability calculation and/or approval
  • Fire plans and/or approval
  • Sopep and/or approval
  • Garbage management plan and/or approval
  • Cargo gear fitness
  • Crew accommodation fitness
  • Exemption Certificate
  • Dry docking certificate
  • Dry docking logistics
  • Dry Docking Supervision, Inspection And Reports
  • Audioguage
  • Underwater Surveys
  • Supervision of construction projects




  1. International Maritime Radio Accounting S.A (INMARASA HO03) is a member in good standing of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Our main scope of business is the accounting of satellite radio telecommunications traffic work.


  1. Types of Radio Maritime Services
  • Telephony: VHF, SSB
  • Telegraphy: Morse Code


  • Inmarsat: A Type (Voice/Fax/Telex)


B Type (Telex)


C Type (Telex Upgrade)


M Type (Voice)

  1. Application

The application for Marine Communications Services must be completed by the interested party (Application Form, List of Documents and Schedule of Radio Accounting Charges provided as necessary).


  1. Agreement Preparation

After the application has been completed by the interested parties (it should be forwarded to INMARASA via fax or email) and after payment or the relevant amounts, including deposit, fees and expenses has been effected, INMARASA will proceed to prepare the Radio Accounting Services Agreement and other relevant documentation for execution by the parties involved.


  1. Invoicing

Copies of all relevant invoices will be forwarded to the vessel’s owner (or a designated person) detailing the Maritime Radio Accounts to be settled within 24 hours of having been received by INMARASA. Such invoice should be liquidated by the vessel owner within 30 days from the date shown on the invoice.



  • Admiralty law
  • Offshore corporations
  • Ship arrests
  • Maritime liens
  • Mortgage registration or deletions
  • Vessels and cargo insurance etc


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