About Us

CONARINA Nigeria Limited (RC 747765) is a world-class operator in the Nigerian Maritime industry. The highly professionalized and dedicated maritime organization is part of the world-renowned Conarina Group Llc—an effective and efficient synergic collaboration of several maritime service companies that provide comprehensive provision of full documentary solutions to the maritime industry in countries around the world.

Positioned as leaders in quality service delivery, the Group is integrated and audited with an ISO 9000:2008 certified classifications by a recognized maritime law firm and extremely experienced maritime consulting firms as well as a firmly established radio accounting authority.

In addition to our pool of well experienced professionals and dedicated personnel, we adhere strictly to both local and international maritime laws in our quest for excellent service delivery, and support for countries where we operate across the globe.

Since 2008 in Nigeria, we have continuously maintained our position as the true leader in vessels documentary solutions providers of choice. Our commitment to excellence is built around a culture of professionalism, integrity, and quality service!

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The vessels documentary solution providers of choice!

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